Caucasus Field and Case Studies

Caucasus Field and Case Studies
is a course for students who wish to combine theoretical knowledge on the Caucasus region with an individual field or case study. The one-semester course is offered as a flexible online distance-learning course with instruction in English.  The course consists of the following three parts, where 1-2 are offered during the first half of the semester.
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affisch_cfcs161 Background and thematic readings 
In preparing for the field and case studies students will read literature focused on a chosen theme. Each time the course is given there will be three–four thematic areas of special relevance to the Caucasus region to choose between (for instance, migration, ethnic/linguistic diversity, social change, religion, culture).

The module also offers a background and introduction to the  region, including ethnic groups, demographic dynamics, culture and religions, history, economy, and recent social and political developments.

2 Field and case study methodology
The course introduces qualitative and quantitative research methods and focuses particularly on knowledge about methods that are suitable in field and case studies.

Field study and report
The course participants conduct an independent empirical study within their chosen theme (cf. course module 1). The students conduct studies in the Caucasus region or, alternatively, studies based on other Caucasus-relevant empirical material.

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