Prominent political analyst and journalist Vibeke Sperling dies in Copenhagen

The mournful news has reached us that Vibeke Sperling, a prominent Danish journalist, political analyst and writer has passed away in Copenhagen on 13 May.  As a foreign correspondent to Moscow for leading Danish newspapers and later the Danish Radio she reported on the final years of the Soviet Empire and post-Soviet developments in the newly independent states. She travelled extensively to the Caucasus and wrote numerous articles and a book based on personal observations and experiences about the complexities of the Russia-Chechnya conflict. 

We have lost an excellent specialist on post-Soviet Russia and an irreplaceable source of knowledge about developments in post- Soviet North Caucasus. We have also lost a dear and highly esteemed colleague and a friend of Caucasus Studies at Malmö University. 

Märta-Lisa Magnusson         


Photo: Märta-Lisa Magnusson

Planning visit to Tbilisi University


Meeting with Rector of Tbilisi State University

img_4206Rector of Tbilisi State University, Dr. Giorgi Sharvashidze (second from the right) met today with Prof. Karina Vamling (Caucasus Studies, Malmö University), Prof. Stephen Jones (to the left), Mount Holyoke College, and Prof. Alexandre Kukhianidze (to the right), Tbilisi State University. Topics during the meeting were research cooperation and staff & student exchange.

Round table discussion on Challenges to Azerbaijan’s Development at ISDP

Märta-Lisa Magnusson, Senior lecturer in Caucasus Studies, Mah, was invited to participate in a round table discussion on “Challenges to Azerbaijan’s Development: Managing Nagorno-Karabakh, Changing Geopolitics and religious Radicalism, organized on 11 April by Institute for Security & Developments Policy, Stockholm. The round table discussion was opened up after a presentation by Dr. Mubariz Gurbanli, Chairman to the State Committee on Religious Associations of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Märta-Lisa Magnusson made comments and asked questions related to the negotiations on a settlement of the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh and the OSCE Minsk Group mediation process.

Conference – Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic Way

IMG_0562Prof. Karina Vamling (Malmö University) attended the conference Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic Way, organised by Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic Forum IMG_0546 (1)at Nato Liason Office Georgia on April 19, 2016.

One of the speakes at the one-day conference was Laura Thornton, senior director at National Democratic Institute (NDI), who presented results from the recent public opinion poll in Georgia that notes high support for Nato and EU (

IMG_0542The conference was attended by politicians, diplomats and researches. Among the participants – to the left: Professors Valentina Teosa (Moldova State University, Interntional Relations Department), Karina Vamling and Alexandre Kukhianidze (Tbilisi State University, Department of Political Science).


Copenhagen, Malmö and Tbilisi

According to the online magazine TimeOut (July 21, 2015) – writing on culture, events and entertainement – the cities of Copenhagen (Denmark), Malmö (Sweden) and Tbilisi (Georgia) are all among the “Top 10 European destinations” for 2015.

“The 10 best European destinations in 2015
Bored by Berlin? Tired of Tuscany? Paris? We’ve all been there. If you’re serious about your European destinations, these are the places to head for…”
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Prominent scholar Alexander Rondeli dies in Tbilisi

The very saddening news have reached us that Prof. Alexander Rondeli, founder of GFSIS, a prominent Georgian scholar and political analyst, passed away in Tbilisi on June 12. We have lost a beacon for scholars on the Caucasus internationally, a highly esteemed colleague and a dear friend of Caucasus Studies, Malmö University.

Rondeli“შეხვედრები ბატონ ალექსანდრესთან ძალიან მნიშვნელოვანი იყო ჩემთვის, ჩემი კოლეგებისა და სტუდენტებისათვის. მასთან შეხვედრის დროს იგრძნობოდა მისი სიკეთე, ადამიანური სითბო და დიდი ცოდნა. ჩვენ ვგრძნობდით, რომ მისი ინსტიტუტის კარები მუდამ ღია იყო ჩვენთვის.

დაე ბატონი ალექსანდრეს მარადიული მოგონება იყოს.”
– პროფესორი კარინა ვამლინგი

მალმიოს უნივერსიტეტი (შვედეთი)

Announcement from GFSIS (Georgian Foundation For Strategic and International Studies):

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