Circassian Conference 23–24 Nov

Circassians in the 21st century: Identity and Survival
– in the homeland and diaspora

November 23-24, 2017

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Welcome to the conference “Circassians in the 21st century: Identity and Survival” hosted by RUCARR at Malmö University, Sweden, November 23-24, 2017.

The aim of this conference is to focus on the ongoing Circassian revival or mobilisation following the international attention on the Circassians in relation to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games and the 150-year anniversary of the forced exile from the Caucasus in the same year. This importantly included a mobilisation of youth and a stronger use of the Internet in these processes. This is significant, especially among the diaspora, where many belong to the first generation that have lost the Circassian language, perhaps the most important part of Circassian identity. During the last ten years, Circassian associations have been supplemented by a new form of NGO’s using different methods in promoting Circassian revival and survival, including use of new Internet and social media related tools, including many cases of new cross-border linking and cooperation. It is the aim of this conference to take stock of these developments among the Circassians as a geographically highly dispersed people in a increasingly volatile region.

We invite presentations on the following interrelated subthemes:

  • Homeland and Diaspora – Minority Conditions. Status, Trends, Perspectives.
  • Circassian civil society mobilisation and organisation.
  • Survival of Circassian Culture and Traditions in the Era of Globalisation.
  • Circassian language. The role of language in contemporary Circassian revival

Invited speakers and participants: Dr Zeynel Besleney, Author, Editor of Journal of Caucasian Studies-JOCAS  (Turkey), Prof. Merab Chukhua,  Tbilisi State University & Circassian Culture Center (Georgia), Dr Amjad Jaimoukha, Author and Publicist (Jordan) – see programme aboveProfessor Walter Richmond, Occidental College, Los Angeles (USA), Dr Sufian Zhemukhov, Senior Research Fellow, The George Washington University, Washington DC (USA).

Call for papers – more information

Venue: Malmö University campus (close to Malmö Central Station)
Organizing committee: Prof. Karina Vamling, Prof. Bo Petersson, Dr. Lars Funch Hansen.

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