Spring 2022

February 1, 3.15-5 pm
Kamal Makili-Aliyev, LL.D. Senior Lecturer at the Dept. of Global Political Studies, Malmö University: The role of Azerbaijan in the non-aligned movement through the lens of international law and security. (zoom)

February 15, 3.15-5 pm
Victor Kipiani, Chairman of the think tank GeocaseGeorgia’s 30 years from regaining the independence: accomplishments, challenges and opportunities.

Fall 2021

September 24, 3-5 pm
— Prof. Karina Vamling, Dr. Manana Kobaidze and Dr. Revaz Tchantouria: Introduction – Georgian language online – 20 years

— Prof. Zaal Kikvidze (Arn. Chikobava Institute of Linguistics, Tbilisi State University): Address in Georgian: Language and Society through HistoryMore info.

October 1, 1.15-3.00 pm Zoom (sign-up here)
Prof. Tinatin Bolkvadze, Tbilisi State University & State Language Department: The language situation in multilingual Georgia

October 8, 1.15-3.00 pm (Sign-up here, zoom)
— Opening of Georgian Art Exhibition

— Denis Keefe (CMG, Director National Security Faculty, Royal College of Defence Studies, London): 
A Diplomat in Georgia (Sign-up here, zoom)

October 19 – seminar (zoom)
Dr. Nino Antadze (University of Prince Edward Island)The role of traditional rituals in resisting energy injustice: The case of hydropower developments in Svaneti, Georgia. October 19, 3.15 pm (zoom)

October 22, 3-5 pm (Sign-up here)
Kristian Carlsson, publisher, writer and translator; Tamara Tchikovani, translator, Manana Kock Kobaidze, lecturer, translator and writer and Hanna Sandborgh, PhD Candidate at Tbilisi State University: 
Roundtable: Georgian literature in Sweden – Swedish literature in Georgia. (in Swedish)

November 53-5 pm (Sign-up here)
Prof Kevin Tuite, University of Montréal, Dept of Anthropology: 
Banqueting as an extreme sport: Agonism and the Georgian supra.

December 8, 10.15-11 am
Book release “We witnessed the break-up.” – Six Swedish and Danish researchers on the final years of the USSR seen from the Caucasus, edited by Märta-Lisa Magnusson and Karina Vamling (In Swedish and Danish) (zoom)

December 14, 4-5.30 pm
Dr. Astrid Hedin, Associate Professor and visiting scholar at Harvard Univ. Davis Center: Communist state administrative structures (zoom)

Spring 2021

Tuesday 9 –  seminar
Dr. Tornike Metreveli (Postdoctoral Researcher on Christianity, Nationalism, and Populism in Lund University) will present his new book Orthodox Christianity and the Politics of Transition: Ukraine, Serbia and Georgia (Routledge, 2021).
Tuesday February 9, 3.15 pm (zoom)

Fall 2020

October 6 –  seminar
Dr. Lincoln Mitchell (affiliated to Arnold A. Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies, Columbia University): “The Caucasus in the Post-Covid Multi-Polar World”
3-5 pm (zoom)

October 26 –  seminar
Prof. Stephen Jones, Mount Holyoke College (US) will give a seminar on his current research on the First Democratic Republic of Georgia (1918-21) and its significance to the history of European social democracy.
3.15-5.00 pm

November 9
10.00-11.00 am: Panel discussion Security in the South Caucasus, (Zoom, in Swedish/Norwegian).
Program and registration:

November 10
1.00-3.00 pm: Putin’s “constitutional coup”: context and implications
3.30-5.30 pm: The parliamentary elections in Georgia – New challenges for Stability and democracy
Program and registration (Zoom, in English):

Spring 2020

January 28
Dr. Stepan Grigoryan (Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation): Velvet Revolution and Political Developments in Armenia When: 3-5 pm, January 28
Where: Niagara Building, Room TBA

February 18
Dr. Mikayel Malkhasyan, Associate Professor, Yerevan State University: “The Medieval Roots of the Current Armenian Cultural Identity”
The seminar will be held on the 5th floor in the Glocal Classroom (by the C elevators).
When: February 18, 3.15 pm

May 4
Dr. Dato Gogishvili (Postdoc at Dept. of Urban Studies, Malmö University): Lofty Ideals in Aerial Connectivity: Ideology in the Urban Cable Car Network of Tbilisi, Georgia
When: May 4, 15.00-16.30 (zoom)

Spring 2019

May 7 – Caucasus Studies web / campus seminar

Guranda Bursulaia, PhD Candidate at Free University, Tbilisi, and SI visiting researcher: Silence as a Narrator: The Case of the Georgian History Textbooks. May 7, 15.15-17.00. Glocal Classroom, 5th floor

April 23 – Caucasus Studies web / campus seminar

Dr. Tamta Khalvashi, Associate Professor at Ilia State University in Tbilisi,  will give a web-seminar entitled: “The Myths of Medea: Economies and Cosmologies of Dispossession in Georgia”
In order to prepare for the seminar, we suggest that you read this article: The_horizons_of_Medea.pdfPreview the documentGlocal classroom, Niagara 5th floor, 15.15.

March 26 – RUCARR campus seminar

Klas-Göran Karlsson: “The Armenian genocide: An interpretive framework”;
Maria Småberg: “Giving voice to Armenian and Yazidi women – the transnational life stories of Alma Johansson and Maria Anholm”
Maria Karlsson: “Genocide denial: the Armenian example”
When: March 26, 15-17

March 7 – Caucasus Studies / RUCARR seminar

– Guest lecture with Prof. Kakhaber Loria, Tbilisi State University. Hovedlinjer i den georgiske literaere prossesen fra de eldste tider til og med dagens literatur.
– Round-table discussion with translators of Georgian literature into Swedish and Swedish literature into Georgian
When: March 7, 15-17

Fall 2018

November 8-9 – Third Annual RUCARR Conference
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November 13 – RUCARR/Caucasus Studies Web/campus seminar
Dr Emil Souleimanov,
Charles University, Prague: Research on the micro-dynamics of violence in the midst of North Caucasian diaspora communities.

December 5-6 – ‘Promoting International Dialogue and Protecting Cultural Heritage in the Caucasus’
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Spring 2018

February 27 – Caucasus Studies web & campus seminar
Dr. Aram Terzyan, guest researcher at GPS and Assistant Professor at Yerevan State University: Explaining the evolution of Armenia’s foreign policy.
When: February 27, 15.15–17. Where: Niagara building, 5th floor, Glocal Classroom.

March 13 – RUCARR and Caucasus Studies  seminar
Prof. Madina Tlostanova, Linköping University. Decolonizing knowledge, being and sensing: Caucasian resistance and re-existence.
When: March 13, 15.15–17. Where: Niagara building, 10th floor, seminar room.

May 21 – RUCARR and Caucasus Studies seminar
Dr. Minna Lundgren, Mid Sweden University. Title: Abkhazia: migration, memories and contested belongings.

May 22 – One-day conference: Declarations of Independence in the Caucasus – 100 years
When: May 22, 09.30-16.15

Fall 2017

October 17
Professor Kazim Azimzade (Azimov), visiting professor at the Section for Caucasus Studies (Malmö University), will give a presentation on multiculturalism in Azerbaijan. All are welcome to the lecture in room 0826, Niagara buildingTuesday October 17, 15.00-16.00.

November 22-23
Second Annual RUCARR Conference

November 23-24
Circassians in the 21st century: Identity and Survival – in the Homeland and Diaspora

Spring 2017

May 18
Elnur Aliyev: “Ethno-linguistic portrait of the Shahdagh people – minorities of Azerbaijan”

May 17, 11.00–12.00 , room 0826
Presentation given by Ambassador of Georgia to Sweden, Malkhaz Kakabadze: “26 Year of the Independence of Georgia and 25 Year of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Georgia and Sweden”

Maj 16
Second RUCARR PhD workshop

April 26
Web/campus seminar: Fariz Khalilli:  “Recent archaeological researches in Azerbaijan and Medieval Agsu Town”

March 29
Web/campus semianr: “Circassian Refugees in Syria”. Lars Funch Hansen, Caucasus Studies, introduces the little-known Circassian (North Caucasian) group among the Syrian refugees in Sweden. Representatives from the Circassian community are participating in the seminar and will be interviewed by Lars Funch Hansen

February 28
Caucasus Studies Web & Campus seminar, Febr 28, 15.30, C0502
Dr. David Matsaberidze: “Pro-Western and Pro-Russian Tendencies in Georgia’s Foreign Policy”
Assistant professor of International Relations, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Tbilisi State University

Fall 2016

8-9 December
RUCARR Inaugural conference
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8 November
RUCARR and Caucasus Studies Web & campus  seminar
“The 2016 parliamentary elections in Russia and Georgia”
Derek Hutcheson, Malmö University, & Alexandre Kukhianidze, Tbilisi State University
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10 November
RUCARR – Erasmus Mundus PhD workshop
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24-25 November
Caucasus workshop, including the open lecture: North Caucasian Defence Towers in Georgia, by Søren Theisen.

8-9 December
RUCARR Inaugural Conference (Programme)

Spring 2016

February 9: Web & Campus seminar
Märta-Lisa Magnusson, Senior lecturer, Malmö University: “Conflict Cases in the Caucasus”

February 23: Caucasus Studies seminar
Visiting PhD Candidate Natallia Paulovich presents her thesis work, based on fieldwork in Ozurgeti.

March 8: Web & Campus seminar
“Georgian and Circassian immigrants in Persia and their current situation”. Presenter: Hamed Kazemzadeh (Center for East European Studies, University of Warsaw). March 8, 3.15 pm.

April 5: Web & Campus seminar
Dr. George Mchedlishvili: US policy towards the South Caucasus
George Mchedlishvili is a Carnegie Research Fellow at Center for Eurasian, Russian and European Studies, Georgetown University (Washington) & International Black Sea University (Tbilisi).  3.15 pm

Fall 2015

September 15: Campus seminar
Prof. Alexandre Kukhianidze, Tbilisi State University: Georgia between Russia and the West.
15.00–17.00, Niagara building, 5th floor, room 0501.

September 22: Web & Campus seminar
Betül Emgin Cogal, visiting researcher from Istanbul Bilgi University/Bogazici University:  People and Languages of Caucasus in Turkey. Studio, 5th floor, Niagara.

September 24: Caucasus Studies seminar
Betül Emgin Cogal, visiting researcher from Istanbul Bilgi University/Bogazici University: Complementation Patterns in Laz- Infinitival Clauses. 15.15–17.00. 11th floor, Niagara.

October 28: Web & Caucasus Seminar
PhD Candidate Tamuna Lomadze: Power of Language and Its Role in Constructing Realities.
13.00–14.00. 11th floor, Niagara.

October 28: Web & Campus Seminar
Professor Alexandre Kukhianidze, Department of Political Science, Tbilisi State University, Georgia, is visiting professor at Caucasus Studies, will give the seminar Georgia: Building Democracy or Authoritarianism?
15.00–16.30. room 0502, Niagara.

November 20: Web & Campus Seminar
Professor Alexandre Kukhianidze, Department of Political Science, Tbilisi State University, Georgia, is visiting professor at Caucasus Studies, will give the seminar Combating corruption and organized crime in Georgia
13.00–15.00. room 0502, Niagara.

November 26: Open Lecture
Professor Alexandre Kukhianidze, Department of Political Science, Tbilisi State University, Georgia, is visiting professor at Caucasus Studies, will give the seminar Fighting for Rustavi2 TV as a Mirror of Georgia’s Democracy
15.15–17.00. 11th floor, Lounge room, Niagara.

Spring 2015

March 11: Web/campus seminar
George Mchedlishvili, University of Georgia: Current Political Dynamics in the South Caucasus
16.00–18.00, Studio at Kranen

May 5: Lundic workshop on Caucasian languages (in cooperation with Linguistics at Lund University): Lexical and typological diversity in Caucasian languages. Methods and models for coding o big data

May 12: Caucasus Studies seminar
PhD candidates Maka Tetradze and Tamuna Lomadze present their dissertation work.

Fall 2014

September 11: Web/campus seminar
Prof. Alexandre Kukhianidze, Tbilisi State University: “Georgia after the Soviet collapse. What is Georgia today?”
16.30–18.00, Studio at Kranen

October 1: Web/campus seminar
Prof. Zaal Kikvidze, Chikobava Institute, Tbilisi State University (Georgia): “Alphabet Shift in the Caucasus: Motivations and Implications”. Visiting lecturer Aytan Sadigova, Azerbaijan Technical University, Baku (Azerbaijan), discusses “Alphabet shifts in Azerbaijan”.
16.00–17.30, Studio at Kranen

October 22: Web/campus seminar
Senior lecturer Märta-Lisa Magnusson reports from the international conference “De-facto Entities in the Post-Soviet Space: Dynamics and Prospects” (September 4-5, 2014). She will  discuss the different outcome in terms of political status obtained by post-Soviet Abkhazia, Chechnya, Nagorno-Karabakh and South Ossetia based on her own paper at the conference.
16.00–17.30, Studio at Kranen

October 29: Caucasus Studies seminar
Professor Karina Vamling reports from the recent conference “1st International CUA Conference on Endangered Languages” (October 12-17, 2014) in Ardahan, Turkey, and summarizes her paper “Internet as a tool for language development and maintenance?”. She will discuss the issue of Megrelian in this context.
16.00–17.30, Gäddan8, room 524.

November 19: Caucasus Studies seminar
Prof. Zaal Kikvidze, Chikobava Institute, Tbilisi State University (Georgia): “Language Names: Terminology and Ideology”.
16.00–17.30, Gäddan8, room 524.

December 3: Web/campus seminar
PhD Lars Funch Hansen, Copenhagen University/Malmö University:
‘The Role of Digital Diaspora in the Circassian Revival’
16.00–17.30, Studio at Kranen

December 10: Caucasus Studies seminar
PhD cand. Maka Tetradze, Chikobava Institute, Tbilisi State University & Malmö University: “On the Nativization of Lezgian Loanwords”
10.15–11.45, Citadellsvägen 7, Gäddan8


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