Caucasus Studies I

The course gives the student a broad knowledge of the Caucasus – a politically turbulent region with high ethnic diversity in a vulnerable geopolitical location. It offers an introduction to the Caucasus region, its ethnic groups and languages, history and recent political developments.

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The course includes an overview of the history of the Caucasus region under Russian and Soviet rule, as well as earlier history of the region. Against this background the course focuses on problems within the Caucaus region related to the transition from Soviet power to democracy and market relations in the Post-Soviet period. The course gives basic skills in one of the languages of the Caucasus region as a useful tool in future field studies and work in the region or contacts with original materials.
The course is divided into four 7,5 ECTS modules:

  1. Introduction to Caucasus Studies
  2. A language of the Caucasus
  3. History of the Caucasus
  4. Post-Soviet developments in the Caucasus

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