Cooperation in typology/Caucasian languages with Lund University:
Lund Digital Atlas of Language and Culture

Project leader: Gerd Carling, Lund Universitylundic_data

More info at the project web site:

LUNDIC is a geographically based, digital resource for language and cultural data, focused on lesser-known languages as well as historical states of languages. The data of the resource currently consists of lexical data with a focus on Swadesh lists and culture vocabulary data (mainly in the areas of agriculture, religion, time words, world view terms, and numerals) and of linguistic typology data with a focus on word order, verbal typology and the marking of core and peripheral arguments, and other data of specific areal relevance.

From Malmö University participates professor Karina Vamling in the research cooperation as well as exchange PhD candidates Maka Tetradze and Tamuna Lomadze, both from Tbilisi, Georgia.




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