Seminar: State and Society Building in Georgia


img_3976Senior lecturer Märta-Lisa Magnusson, Caucasus Studies (Malmö University) delivered key points and concluding remarks by  at the Seminar on State and Society Building in Georgia: Context and Challenges in Copenhagen September 28.

The event was organized by: Europe Foundation (Georgia), link and The Danish Foreign Policy Society, Copenhagen, link

See the full Program.

Among the presenters were Dr. Anna Dolidze, Parliamentary Secretary of the President of Georgia, Prof. Daniel Tarschys, University of Stockholm and member of the Europe Foundation board, Erik Høeg (below to the left on the photo), Deputy Head of European Monitoring Mission (EUMM), David Lee, (to the right, below) President of Magticom and chairman of the board.collage_fotor

Several of the lecturers and exchange PhD Candidates from Caucasus Studies, Malmö University, attended the seminar (from the left on the photo below): Giorgi Omsarashvili, Elnur Aliyev, Katrine Gotfredsen, Märta-Lisa Magnusson, Karina Vamling, Tinatin Gvenetadze.


Tamar Lomadze defended PhD thesis

IMG_3287-2Congratulations to Tamar Lomadze on the successful defense of her PhD thesis. Tamar spent the period  August 2014 – February 2016 as an exchange PhD candidate  (Erasmus Mundus) at the Section for Caucasus Studies in Malmö.

podiumThe title of Tamar Lomadze’s thesis is: “Cognitive Aspects of Communicative Influence on Public Opinion.”

The dissertation was defended at the Department of Kartvelology and Sociolinguistics, School of Humanities of Saint Andrews Georgian University (Tbilisi, Georgia) on June 27.

TemurOpponent was Prof. Teimuraz Gvantseladze (photo to the right) and supervisor Prof. Manana Tabidze. Second supervisor was Prof. Karina Vamling (Malmö University).

The thesis was defended and passed with distinction by the decision of the dissertation committee.

tamadaOf course, this gave good reason and time to celebrate with Tamar and her colleagues, friends and family…

Prof. Tariel Putkaradze (standing, photo  to the left), was chairing the dissertation procedure and continued now in the capacity of tamada or toastmaster.

The new PhD. Tamar Lomadze (to the right) with her two proud supervisors Manana Tabidze (center) and Karina Vamling at the dissertation supra: allatre

At the end of the event, Tamar’s friend, Georgian-Swedish singer-song-writer Sabina Chantouria performed some of her songs.






Participating in international seminar in Tbilisi

International Seminar on Russian and Caucasus Studies
Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, June 22, 2016
IMG_3216-211:00-11:10, Prof. Tamar Dolbaia, Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Georgia.
11:10-11:30, Prof. Bo Petersson (left). “Frail Grounds: Charismatic Legitimacy, Political Myth and the Specter of Regime Succession in Russia.” Malmo University, Sweden.
11:40-12:00, Prof. Alexandre Kukhianidze. “Russia after the USSR: From Professional to Political Organized Crime?” Tbilisi State University, Georgia.
12:10-12:30, Prof. Stephen Jones. Georgia, Russia, and the Limitations of Geography.” Mount Holyoke College, USA.13528712_10205052246580774_6605778065253521837_n

12:40-13:00, Prof. Korneli Kakachia. “South Caucasus: Between Russia and the West.” Tbilisi State University, Georgia.

13:10-13:30, Prof. Karina Vamling (right). “On RUCARR initiative.” Malmo University, Sweden.


Visiting Circassian Center

13511627_1130111727045990_1232858852_nProf. Bo Petersson, Malmö University, visited the Circassian Cultural Center in Tbilisi together with Prof. Karina Vamling.

At the meeting with Director of the Circassian Center, prof Merab Chukhua they discussed recent pubications and prospects for future workshops and other activities.

Read more:
Сегодня в ЧКЦ состоялась встреча с Бо Петерсоном

Circassian conference in Ankara

IMG_2955The conference Gelenek ve Gelecek. Türkiye Çerekeslerinin Günsel Sorunlari (Tradition and Future) was organized by Kafkas Dernekleri Federasyonu in Ankara on May 13.  IMG_0720The second session focused on Circassian linguistic issues and how to teach Circassian and other minority languages in Turkey.  This includes the development of study materials for the teaching of Circassian as an elective school subject (photo to the right).

On the photo above,  Prof. Karina Vamling, Section for Caucasus Studies, Malmö University, together with co-panelists Assist. Prof. Dr. Yasemin Oral (above, to the left), Istanbul University Hasan Ali Yucel, and Ass. Prof. Sinem Vatanartiran (above, to the right), Bahçeşehir University. Photo below: preparing for the panel. IMG_2950

The time in Ankara included a visit together with Muhittin Unal and Erol Taymaz to the head-quarters of the organisation Kafkas Dernekleri Federasyonu, that had recently moved to a new address in the picturesque old town.IMG_2960

The centre holds an impressive library with Circassian and other North Caucasian books on different topics and in many languages. IMG_2962


Oslo’s Caucasological traditions

IMG_0591 - version 2Maka Tetradze, PhD Candidate at Chikobava Institute of Linguistics and visiting researcher at Malmö University,  and Prof. Karina Vamling (Malmö University) have visited archives in Oslo, an active center for research on the languages of the Caucasus in the mid 1920s up to the beginning of the 1980s. For several decades the Institute for Comparative Research in Human Culture in Oslo hosted a programme on Caucasology. The most prominent researchers were prof. Hans Vogt (1903-1986), Alf Sommerfelt (1892-1965) and later Fridrik Thordarson (1928-2005), who were also working at Oslo University. Prof. Hans Vogt is most known as the author of “Dictionnaire de la langue oubykh” (1963) and “Grammaire de la langue géorgienne” (1971), whereas Prof. Alf Sommerfelt focused on North-East Caucasian Languages and Fridrik Thordarson devoted most of his research to Ossetic.

Collaboration with Circassian Cultural Center

thumbnailProf. Merab Chukhua met with Karina Vamling and Revaz Tchantouria (Malmö University) at Circassian Cultural Center in Tbilisi.

Several issues were discussed – a forthcoming joint event at the Center in June and a project application to a Swedish research foundation.

Furthermore, Karina Vamling met with two Georgian PhD candidates, who will spend the academic year 2016/2017  on Erasmus Mundus scholarships at the Section for Caucasus Studies at Malmö University.

Conference – Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic Way

IMG_0562Prof. Karina Vamling (Malmö University) attended the conference Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic Way, organised by Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic Forum IMG_0546 (1)at Nato Liason Office Georgia on April 19, 2016.

One of the speakes at the one-day conference was Laura Thornton, senior director at National Democratic Institute (NDI), who presented results from the recent public opinion poll in Georgia that notes high support for Nato and EU (

IMG_0542The conference was attended by politicians, diplomats and researches. Among the participants – to the left: Professors Valentina Teosa (Moldova State University, Interntional Relations Department), Karina Vamling and Alexandre Kukhianidze (Tbilisi State University, Department of Political Science).


Circassian conference commemorating prof Giorgi Rogava’s 110th anniversary

An international conference dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Prof Giorgi Rogava was organised by the Circassian Cultural Center in Tbilisi on December 12-13 2015.  Prof Giorgi Rogava was an outstanding specialist on the Circassian language and the author of numerous works on this language. The theme of the conference was Issue of ethnic identity of Zichis/Jikis and Zichia/Jiketi in the history of Georgia (link). Read more about the opening of the conference, link.

Karina Vamling, Caucasus Studies, Malmö University, held a short opening speech and read the paper In Circassian captivity in  1845. From the Swedish doctor C.G. Fagergren’s memoirs.

Photos by Karina Vamling and Mariam Bezhitashvili.