Interview with Märta-Lisa Magnusson on Karabakh in Huffpost Brasil

Senior lecturer Märta-Lisa Magnusson is interviewed in the article “Precisamos falar some Karabakh” (We need to talk about Karabakh) by the journalist Igor Patrick Silva, published in Huffpost Brazil on March 10, 2016. Read the article

Para Märta-Lisa Magnusson, professora sênior em Estudos do Cáucaso da Universidade de Mälmo, na Suécia e especialista em conflitos pós-soviéticos, classificar Khojaly como genocídio demanda especial atenção da comunidade internacional.

(Transl.: According to Märta-Lisa Magnusson, senior lecturer in Caucasus Studies at the University of Malmö, Sweden, and an expert on post-Soviet conflicts, whether the Khojaly tragedy should be viewed as a genocide demands a special investigation of the international community.)

Listen to the whole interview in English  with Märta-Lisa Magnusson




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