Seminars, Guest Lectures, Workshops 2007-2010

Malmö University

3 december 2010  Workshop
A Sida-funded research workshop will be held at Caucasus Studies, Malmö University, on December 3, 13-17.30. The theme of the meeting is “What is role of Caucasian diasporas in the Caucasus region today?” The meeting will include three presentations on the Circassian (Lars Funch Hansen), Chechen (Helen Krag) and Georgian (Giorgi Mekhrishvili) diasporas.

7 May 2010 Caucasus   Studies Seminar
The Georgian Dimension of the Eastern Partnership: A Deepening of the European Neighbourhood Policy or a Paradigm Shift?
Badri Kochoradze, Professor, Director of the Institute for European Studies,has extensive experience in international cooperation with a special focus onthe EU, project management and public administration. David Aptsiauri, professor, is a specialist in international economics and has a professional experience as former ambassador and deputy minister offoreign affairs of Georgia.

4 March 2010
“Caucasus Studies”established as a new field of study at the Department of International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER). Head of Department Jonas Alwall opens the seminar. The program at IMER on March 4 2010 includes a short presentation of Caucasus Studies and courses on offer, followed by a guest lecture by Ib Faurby (part 2), former chief advisor at the Royal Danish Defense College and a security policy expert with extensive experience of the Caucasus region

28-30 November 2008
The international conference Caucasus studies in the fields of Migration, Society, Language (conference page) is arranged at the Department of IMER, Malmö University

28 May, 2008
workshop%20350x116Preparatory workshop at IMER in for the November conference Caucasus Studies: Migration – Society – Language



14 mars 2008
Nani Chanishvili, Prof (Tbilisi State University) – Russian – Georgian relations. Current issues.

28 november, 2007
Kakhaber Loria, Ass. Prof (Tbilisi State University) – Den georgiska litteraturens historia och dess roll i skapandet av den georgiska nationella kulturella identiteten

22 november 2007
Kakhaber Loria, Ass. Prof (Tbilisi State University) – Den politiska situationen i postsovjetiska Kaukasus med särskild tonvikt på Georgien

At Other Institutions

20-21 October 2009
Participation in the International Conference on the Georgian language and modern technologies. Chikobava Institute of Linguistics, Tbilisi. Program, Abstracts.

May 27 2009
Presentation of the course Georgian online at Diaspora day, Tbilisi.

9-11 oktober 2008
tchantouria%20parliament%20245x160– Participation in the II International Symposium in Iberian-Caucasian Linguistics: Legacy and Perspectives (dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Arnold Chikobava)
– Chairman of Relations with Compatriots Residing Abroad Committee and Group of MPs Meet the Multinational Delegation of Arnold Chikobava Jubilee Symposium



8-12 augusti 2008
tblisi%20amb%20245x160Research visit to Georgia (Sida project)




Oktober 2007
Karina Vamling: Planeringsbesök på utvecklande av samarbete med Tbilisiuniversitetet inom ramen för Linneaus-Palme programmet

April 13-14 2007
tblisi%20konf%20245x160Märta-Lisa Magnusson & Karina Vamling: Problems of The Georgian Literary Language, conference held at
The State Language Division of The Ministry of Education and Sciences

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