New publication: Caucasus Studies series

Language, History and Cultural Identities in the Caucasus, Caucasus Studies 2,  Vamling, Karina (ed.) is a new publication from Caucasus Studies at Malmö University.


Kevin Tuite: The Autocrat of the Banquet Table: the political and social significance of the
Georgian supra

Andrea Kuzmich: Continuity of a Tradition: A Survey of the Performance Practices of Traditional Polyphonic Songs in Tbilisi

Marine Beridze and Manana Kobaidze: An Attempt to Create an Ethnic Group: Identity Change Dynamics of Muslimized Meskhetians

Tinatin Bolkvadze: The Georgian Language and Cultural Identity in Old Georgia: An Examination of Some Conceptual Foundations

Manana Tabidze: The Modern Language Situation in Georgia: Issues Regarding the Linguistic Affiliation of the Population

Karina Vamling and Revaz Tchantouria: Language Use and Attitudes among Megrelians in Georgia

Rune Westerlund: The Present-day Situation of the Minority Ethno-Linguistic Peoples within the Avaric Region in the Republic of Dagestan

Ib Faurby: Human Rights, Terrorism, and the Destruction of Chechnya

Märta-Lisa Magnusson: Why No Settlement in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict?
– Which are the obstacles to a negotiated solution?

Nino Amiridze: Discrepancies between Form and Meaning: Reanalyzing Wish Formulae
in Georgian

Kojima Yasuhiro: Two Types of Relative Clauses in Modern Georgian

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